Why Railroad And Rapid Transit Cleaning Helps Make A City Greener

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VELOCITY - Railroad And Rapid Transit | Greener Cleaning There are clear advantages to keeping the carriages in a railroad and rapid transit service clean. But it’s not just to do with looking good. Research suggests that removing grime that builds up in a metropolitan area can help in lowering urban air pollution levels. With train exteriors and windows often catching large volumes of this dirt each day, rail carriage cleaning regimens can play a useful role in making city air cleaner.

How The Right Marine Cleaning Product Can Make All The Difference

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VELOCITY - Marine Cleaning Product | Boat Hull Maintenance It might seem that boats would require little cleaning. But just because they spend so much time in the water does not mean they are kept clean. In fact, water – whether salt or fresh – can cause a buildup of soils, dirt and grime which, when left unattended to, can cause real damage. But with the right marine cleaning product, this problem can be dealt with.

Why Degreasing Is Key To Effective Ring, Pinion and Gear Care

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VELOCITY - Heavy Industries Degreasing Solution | Ring, Pinion and Gear CareWhen it comes to heavy industries, like mineral mining and oilsands mining, the heavy-duty machinery used has to operate under heavy load. This places the systems driving the machinery under extreme pressure, so it’s little wonder proper gear maintenance is an acute priority. But while many identify lubrication as critical, using an effective gear degreaser has a greater impact on ring, pinion and gear care.

Demulsifying At Sea 2: Handling Oil Cargo Residual Waste On Tankers

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VELOCITY - Demulsifier: Oil Cargo Residual Waste TankersIn our first post in this 2-part series on demulsifying at sea, we looked at the challenges involved in dealing with some of the most common ship slop oils and waste water – oily bilge water and sludge. These are commonly found on virtually every type of seagoing vessel, but oil cargo vessels face their own challenges.